kots admin-console

Opens a proxy so you can connect to the admin console from your machine. Additionally, you may use kots admin-console upgrade to upgrade the admin console to the latest version. Requires a running KOTS application with the Admin Console (kotsadm).


kubectl kots admin-console [flags]
kubectl kots admin-console upgrade [flags]
  • If upgrade is not specified, this command opens a proxy to the admin console. Otherwise, it upgrades the admin console to the latest version.
Flag Type Description
-h, --help help for admin-console
--kubeconfig string the kubeconfig to use (default is $KUBECONFIG. If unset, then $HOME/.kube/config)
-n, --namespace string the namespace where the admin console is running (default “default”)


kots admin-console --namespace kots-sentry
kots admin-console upgrade --namespace kots-sentry