kots install

Installs the KOTS application and the admin console (kotsadm) directly to a cluster. The kots install command pulls Kubernetes manifests from the remote upstream, deploys the manifests to the specified cluster, installs the admin console, and sets up port forwarding to make the kotsadm admin console accessible.


kubectl kots install [upstream uri] [flags]
  • Replace [upstream-uri] with the URI for your KOTS application (required).
  • If the KOTS application has been packaged by Replicated Vendor, the --license-file flag must be provided.
  • Provide [flags] according to the table below
Flag Type Description
-h, --help help for install
--hostname string the hostname to that the admin console will be exposed on (default "localhost:8800")
--image-namespace string the namespace/org in the docker registry to push images to (required when --rewrite-images is set)
--include-github set up for github login
--kubeconfig string the kubeconfig to use (default is $KUBECONFIG. If unset, then $HOME/.kube/config)
--license-file string path to a license file (required when [upstream-uri] points to a replicated app)
--local-path string specify a local-path to test the behavior of rendering a replicated app locally (only supported on replicated app types currently)
--name string name of the application to use in the Admin Console
-n, --namespace string the namespace to deploy to
--node-port int32 the nodeport to assign to the service, when service-type is set to NodePort
--registry-endpoint string the endpoint of the local docker registry to use when pushing images (required when --rewrite-images is set)
--repo string repo uri to use when installing a helm chart
--rewrite-images set to true to force all container images to be rewritten and pushed to a local registry
--service-type string the service type to create (default "ClusterIP")
--set strings values to pass to helm when running helm template
--shared-password string shared password to apply


kubectl kots install sentry/unstable --license-file ~/license.yaml
kubectl kots install kots-sentry/stable --shared-password IgqG5OBc9Gp --license-file ~/sentry-license.yaml --namespace sentry-namespace
kubectl kots install helm://stable/elasticsearch