New Features

  • Openshift 4.3 support for existing clusters
  • Support for embedding Kubernetes 1.16.4
  • Support for development environments with insecure local registries
  • Compatibility layer for ship-style entitlements (not titled)
  • kots install helm:// now enables the GitOps tab by default
  • Significant performance improvements to uploadLicense and saveConfig in Admin Console
  • We no longer require manual changes to firewalld settings when installing on RHEL
  • kURL / Embedded Cluster Improvements:
    • Changed TLS secret type from opaque to tls
    • Ability to reuse to re-use the TLS certs for Kotsadm in a contour Ingress/IngressRoute
    • Add a node label to to identify all kURL installs
    • Silence irrelevant warnings about use of 3rd party components and upstream components during embedded cluster installation
  • Support-Bundle and Preflight Improvements:
    • Openshift distribution detection
    • Statefulset collection
    • Automatic limit range negotiation for PVC size

Bug Fixes

  • Master join button on Cluster Management tab enabled when not on HA installs
  • kots admin-console upgrade fails to upgrade admin console.
  • Server error when saving config manifests containing items of type ‘file’
  • statusInformers in Admin Console show incorrect status when deploying to the default namespace
  • Migrations crash-loop-back-offing container not working as expected