New Features


  • If license is updated during a sync, a dialog is shown linking to version history.
  • Better feedback when saving app config.
  • Support bundle analysis now has breadcrumbs.
  • replicated/kurl-util container uses a versioned tag instead of latest.
  • kots CLI now includes an Authorization header when making requests to kotsadm-api.
  • Airgap upload endpoints now require Authorization headers.
  • Helm chart rendering errors are now displayed in the Admin Console.
  • The Dashboard link has been removed from the license upload pages.
  • License is synced to the latest version on installation.

Bug Fixes

  • kotsadm-api no longer needs to be restarted when console password is reset using the CLI.
  • Airgap upload doesn’t redirect back to license upload.
  • A failed airgap upload will display an error.
  • Failing preflight checks incorrectly rendered as successful in the version history page.
  • Fixed an issue where Preflight checks fail if a when condition is missing.
  • If your preflight check fails to parse, the error message is displays as a failing preflight.
  • Fixed issues with kURL HA registry availability when a node is lost.
  • Fixed an issue where kotsadm would not pull new releases when changing a customer’s channel and syncing their license.
  • Fixed error 404 when the Secure Console page is refreshed.
  • Fixes for license sync:
    • When a new license field is created, it will be pulled down on the next license sync.
    • When new license fields are added, they will be used in rendering the next app version.