New Features

  • Ability to apply count(), min(), max(), and sum() aggregate functions to node resource analyzers. Especially useful for preflight checks against resources on a node (e.g., min(memoryCapacity) >= 16Gi). See Node Resources Analyzer documentation for more details.


  • Improved performance of application and license updates by caching image privacy status when the release has not changed.
  • Past preflight results are now always displayed on the version history page, even when they were successful.
  • Progress indicators have been added to the license upload screen.
  • Once a TLS certificate has been uploaded or skipped, future visits on HTTP will be redirected to HTTPS.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Config page would fail to load when current release has '{{repl ...}}' template functions that are over 80 characters.
  • License expiration is now enforced in airgap installations. After this fix, any new attempts to update or install applications on an expired license will not succeed.
  • Changes to default on config item types are now respected on upgrades to a new release.
  • Fixed an issue where the application logo in the navigation bar would not update when switching to another KOTS application. Issue-910
  • Fixed an issue where the “diffing releases” view incorrectly overlaps with version history when the differences between releases is small.
  • kubectl kots upload command shown for editing application patches on the “View files” tab now includes the correct namespace.
  • Fixed an issue where “Anonymous uploads have been disabled” message appears during initial setup of embedded cluster installations.