• New releases with required config options (where required: true) are not deployable until all required fields are present.
  • The application-level GitOps page has been collapsed into a single view.

Bug Fixes

  • When multiple releases are available for upgrade in the Admin Console, any new configuration changes would only apply to the latest available release. Fixed by ensuring that any configuration change applies to all available releases for upgrade, not just the latest.
  • When private registry changes are being saved, they will no longer be persisted until all images are pushed successfully.
  • Better error messaging when detecting invalid ConfigItem template usage.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the internal use of Kustomize to fail when a manifest specified a static namespace.
  • Support bundle command now works from the host on embedded online installs.
  • It was possible for the Admin Console to show the GitOps application tab without first enabling GitOps.
  • License template functions now work on the config screen.
  • Non-library DockerHub images in airgap scenarios are now properly rewritten to use the private registry.